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The Mind Tools content team is behind your career all the way.

Our team of writers and editors has over 150 years’ experience in a range of areas, including learning and development, publishing, marketing and news media.

Between them, they’ve created books, magazines, newspapers, and PR and marketing campaigns.

The Mind Tools team

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Melanie Dowding

B2C Director

Keith Jackson

Managing Editor

Charlie Swift

Managing Editor

Matthew Hughes

Content Editor

Simon Bell

Content Editor/Writer

Jonathan Hancock

Writer/Content Editor

Kevin Dunne

Content Editor/Writer

Lucy Bishop

Senior Editor

Alice Gledhill

Content Assistant

Rosie Robinson

Assistant Content Editor/Writer

Tom Mugridge

Acting Head of Content

Cat MacLeod

Managing Editor

Alastair Roy

Content Editor/Writer

Meet the full team

Find out a little more about the full content team at Emerald Works.

Meet the full team

Find out a little more about the full content team at Emerald Works.

Content philosophy

We always use best practice in content research, creation, and quality control

The Mind Tools Club boasts over 2,600 resources, enabling members to solve challenges at work, enhance their leadership skills, and improve how they communicate and collaborate with colleagues.


Every piece of content we produce is not only helpful, accessible, and engaging but also thoroughly developed, researched, and reviewed.

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